Monday, 26 July 2010

The 800 Calorie Diet

The 800 Calorie Diet Plan

Really thinking About Losing Weight? Well with this sample 800 calorie Diet, you could get started on losing weight right now.

You must be on this site because you are looking for a diet plan that will help you acheive your goals and get quick results. The 800 calorie plan can get you started on this.

800 calories a day is extremely low and it is always wise not to go on the 800 calorie diet plan for over a long period of time or days. You must consult your doctor or medical professional before you undertake such a diet.

Below is a sample days menu on the 800 calorie Diet.

Breakfast - A slice of medium wholemeal toast spread with 1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter and 2 slices of extra lean smoked ham.

A cup of tea with 50ml skimmed milk (preferably green, black or peppermint tea) (209 calories)

Morning Snack
- Apple (53 calories)

Lunch - Tomato and Red pepper Soup, with a slice of wholemeal roll (200 calories)

Mid Snack
- An orange (50 calories)

Dinner - Shrinkage’s special vegetable stir fry (250 calories)

Snack - Chunk of melons (100g) (41 calories)

Total - 803 Calories

So here is a sample of what a sample 800 calorie a day diet plan will look like.

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